3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • I wasn’t big into Lego too growing up. But it’s a big thing for kids. They have characters for most popular characters and all kinds of structures. Accessories range from food items, makeup, medical supplies, etc. Lego has a roller coaster with a motor fetches a hefty price tag of $400. Eeek.
      You gave me an idea…it’ll be interesting to do a photo shoot with the various Lego characters.
      I like your description of the shaggy dog’s hair! Nice connection.
      Hope you are having a good weekend.

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      • I don’t remember if they had Legos when I was a kid in Canada – we moved here when I was 10 and never played with them. I just Googled and found out Legos have been around since 1932! I had no idea, nor did I know they were that expensive. Wow! We had a store opened a few years ago – it was called “Legoland Discovery Center” and they had life-sized Lego displays in it. Not around me, a big mall (100-mile round trip from here). I thought it looked like a Beatles-type wig. Yes, do a post, that would be fun. Well the weekend has flown by too quickly and here it is Sunday night already. I did walk today after yesterday’s freezing fog and iciness zapped my walk, but it was snowing like crazy. Not a fan of Winter at all. Have a good week Esther … do the kids get a lesson in Martin Luther King and his preachings tomorrow for his birthday/holiday?


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