Can’t sleep even though I’m tired

Every time. When I have an upcoming day slotted with various specialists’ appointments for Ellis, sleeping is impossible. It’s a 6 months check up that we have done for years that I can’t get used to going.

I’ll take a long nap later.

What I want to do. Rest and enjoy the ride.
How I’ll probably feel in the morning

Travel with me: Picture 1 of 10

Thank you Yvette from Priorhouse blog for inviting me to share 10 travel photos. I tried putting all the pictures into one post but it got way too long. So I’ll post travel pictures across 10 days.

This science museum called NASA Ames Research Center used to be one of our favorite places to visit. It was a small, accessible, and free museum with informative artifacts and interactive exhibits.

When we went back to visit a couple of years ago, the museum had been transformed into a NASA gift shop. Disappointing as it was, we were still grateful to have had the opportunity to tour and learn from this place. Still a great place to buy some souvenirs.

These astronaut photo ops were a must with the kids. Funny to see how Ellis could barely poke her head out the astronaut’s helmet. We didn’t travel far from home but a few props and love for the solar system can take you to outer space.

From Wikipedia:

The NASA Ames Exploration Center is a science museum and education center for NASA. There are displays and interactive exhibits about NASA technology, missions and space exploration. A Moon rock, meteorite, and other geologic samples are on display. The theater shows movies with footage from NASA’s explorations of Mars and the planets, and about the contributions of the scientists at Ames. The facility is free and open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m and on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.[16]

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It’s been a while…some life ramblings

Hi everyone. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve spent a good chunk of time on my blog and visiting blogger friend’s sites. Life has been leaving me in its dust as I feel up to my neck with homeschooling and caretaking.

Another reason for my inactivity is sharing my computer with Ellis; she’s been using it more for her Zoom classes, math lessons, and playing games. Conclusion: get an extra computer. Chris and I thought Ellis could share with me, but her uses take precedence. She is growing up. Too fast. Although for her, she may think one day feels like a year. I’d like to feel that way too.

Every morning I sigh thinking of how many meals I’ll need to make, motivating kids (or in real life, explaining that I’m not trying to make their life miserable by asking them to do lessons), quelling disagreements, caring for kid’s needs, squeezing in precious time for my nap or sanity breaks, and going to doctor’s appointments for my ongoing hip pain and Ellis’ many check-up visits.

Beginning of the year usually makes homeschooling stressful. It’s midyear and time to plough through the rest of the school year well and meeting our learning goals. Life gets in the way and learning takes time. Being the main teacher places urgency and pressure on me. I’m my own boss and worst critic. Kids have biased feedback about me as a teacher depending on their moods and much they can have their way.

I wanted to let you know that I’m not ignoring the blogging sphere; it should get better later this month.

I’ve been trying to be more understanding that kids have stresses too that are their own. These instances remind me that I need the holy spirit to keep me on track. I need wisdom and direction to navigate the day well. (Side note: I failed miserably one week ago when kids kept pushing my buttons and questioning every thing I did). I’ve never heard the deafening silence in our home when I wanted to prove a point to the kids that I’m serious about them doing their daily lessons. I got so upset that I dumped school supplies into the trash. Not proud of what I did and cried for handling the situation rashly.

Left pic: how I feel most days: Right: how I want our teamwork to look like most days

I’m already dreading the tween years. Some friends are raising tweens and they have stories of kid’s mood swings, testing boundaries, arguments, and self identity crises for both teen/s and parent/s. I empathize with parents and caregivers who have navigated the tangled world of raising children and helping them to learn how to use their wings well and safely.

Thanks for reading my random ramblings! Wishing everyone a good Thursday.