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Flower of the Day: March 25, 2021. Baccharis salicifolia

Identifying this shrub from my phone’s image search turned into a mystery game. I found image upon image of different shrubs sharing similarities to this one. According to one particular image descriptions, this type of shrub is found along water sources; we found this shrub near a duck pond. It’s called seepwillow, water-wally, and mule fat. The fuzzy and sticky flowers attract butterflies. I’m interested to how it will look after the flowers have bloomed.

This post is for Cee’s FOTD challenge! Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge and for posting the list of challenges we can do.

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    1. I agree, so pretty but with odd nicknames! I wonder if the naming person was having a bad day when he/she came up with the names.
      The flowers are small but they play a big role for the butterflies.
      I am totally behind on my comments this weekend…I’ll get back soon. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. 🙂

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      1. I caught up on Thursday night, then again on Sunday night. I am going to be behind again as I’m going to bed early. I had an excursion to the grocery store, gas station and allergy shot and left the house at 7:45 a.m. Got everything done and back at work timely … been nodding off all afternoon. It was beautiful here today – 80 degrees which is way above normal. I didn’t take my own suggestion tonight and came to Comments so now two days behind, but I’ve been five days behind and it took me a long time to catch up.


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