5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: May 26, 2021. Chalk pie

  1. Wow – the chalk art is just amazing Esther I’ve never seen chalk art that clear and crisp looking except the chalk spray which I’ve seen applied and lasts through rain and waterings. I like the shot of the kids’ heads bent over as they worked on their art as well.


    • I was surprised at the clearness of the chalk art too and love their creativity! I’ve never used chalk spray but its durability sounds great.
      I was watching the kids and that’s my viewpoint. I saw it and knew it would be a good picture. Thank you, I’m glad you liked the photos! The idea for these photos was inspired by your Wordless Wednesday posts on chalk art!!

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      • I love the chalk art in any form Esther. Some Spring/Summers I see loads of it in the ‘hood; others years none. Maybe when the kids are out of school for good there will be more chalk art for me to discover. We have a local chalk artist (about 40 miles away from me) who does 3-D animals. I would love to see it in person sometime. I am glad my photos inspired you … I was inspired by them to photograph and post about them!


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