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Tiny temporary housemates: caterpillars to butterflies project

We’re repeating the “caterpillar to butterfly” life cycle project that we did a few years ago. Although I ordered 10 caterpillars total, we received a few more from the company called Nature Gift Store on Amazon.

I hope they all survive. For the next week they’ll continue to eat voraciously: a condensed layer of their necessary nutrients is in their enclosed cups. Once they enter the chrysalis (pupa) phase, they will climb to the top of the jar and hang upside down. So for another week, it’s observation and making sure they are not getting too hot nor too cold.

Ellis is sensitive to having bugs near her when she eats, so the cups are exiled to another room. When we did this project years ago, both kids checked on the caterpillars daily. This time around they’re nonchalant, maybe less interested, perhaps too busy with video games?? 🤔

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  1. I hope they all survive to become butterflies. My daughter and grand-daughter did this last year, and it was so interesting to see them change. They eventually released them in to the air. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I hope they all survive! If they do, the release day will be a fun-filled event. You coax them out of the netted habitat with sugar water on your finger. It sits on the finger and you then release it into the air.
      It is an interesting project to see the life cycle and to see the changes that happen with each phase. Wonderful that your daughter and grand-daughter did this project too.
      Have a great rest of the weekend!

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    1. I hope you try this kind of project! It’s fun learning to see the process in real life.
      Our caterpillars this time are huge. Kind of surprised how much they’ve grown in the past few days.
      Have a great rest of the weekend and take care!


  2. I hope they do well and provide more fodder for blog posts. I think when you had this exercise before I told you about how my friend and I had Monarch caterpillars and they about ate us out of house and home. The “set-up” provided milkweed, but not enough for all the caterpillars and we were out searching for more … we finally turned them over to a person who has a yard filled with Milkweed and nurtures the caterpillars and releases them on an every day basis throughout the Summer.


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