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Flower of the Day: June 29, 2021. A

One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve.

Henry David Thoreau

Thank you Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge! And thank you readers for stopping by and for your time. Have a great week.

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. My posts revolve around the beauty of nature, homeschooling adventures, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and life as a daydreamer and nature observer. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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      1. Good to hear Miriam. The weather is confusing: hot but with a cool breeze. At night it’s very cold. Seems we’re going to have another heat wave. Stay well and healthy! The Delta variant #s are rising in L.A.


      2. I got the Pfizer vaccination in May. Thankful for that! I hope the unvaccinated will get it if they are able to so we can move forward safely. We’ve been living with Covid fears for over a year now…

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      3. Yes, it has been for 15+ months. The stores have half and half people wearing and not wearing masks for a couple of weeks. Now they’re back to wearing masks.


      4. Same here. But a lot of shops have signs that you must wear a mask while others note that if vaccinated no mask is required. It’s better to be safe for everyone’s sake…wearing a mask is not that terrible. Now that the long weekend is over, hope the case numbers don’t skyrocket and undo the progress we made so far.

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    1. Thank you Yvette! Thoreau’s words about nature are so eloquent.
      I’m happy you like the photos. Green is a great backdrop color for nature and it makes the other colors shine. But green is beautiful by itself. God made some wonderful colors and flowers!
      Have a good start to this week and hope the last of the home project made progress.

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      1. yes, I agree with the wonder of the colors and flowers and you know how God is the “master artist” – well sometimes I see a unique flower or a fun color scheme and pause to smile to imagine his artistic side – the master artists indeed
        and the week is off to a good start – hard to believe the first week of July is almost passed – that was fast


  1. Like Yvette, I like how you paired the Thoreau quote with this post. You always have the best flower posts … I am inspired by them. I am starting at Reader and will return to respond to comments later … I was six days behind again in Reader. Hope your holiday was fun – I’m thinking the fireworks restrictions are needed due to heat and potential wildfires. Wish I could give you some of the light shows from this neighborhood until the wee hours of the morn.


    1. Thank you Linda!! You always give me positive feedback and I hope you know how much it encourages me. Happy to know that I have a fan for my FOTD posts. hehehe.
      Thoreau’s work is an inspiration and his use of words descriptive and eloquent. Love his writings.
      Fireworks were illegal here but you wouldn’t have known it. Around 8 p.m., fireworks were going off here and there. We drove around and parked at a shopping mall where the fireworks enthusiasts did their thing at their respective homes or park. Looked like they coordinated the timing; maybe a competition. Must’ve been expensive but it was appreciated. Our neighbor told us about this gem spot. It was bright, loud, and smoky! Thankfully, no fires.
      I remember last year you were annoyed with the fireworks that were going off for days. Hopefully this year it was better but from your comment it seems not that much better. Your neighbors are committed fireworks fans and assume everyone else is too.

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      1. I have taken a bunch of wildflowers and bought a book of Michigan wildflowers … if I were a purist, I’d set out all the flowers with the captioned names beneath, but a quick glance told me nothing so that will be an exercise for another time (retirement maybe?). The fireworks almost drove me crazy and the damage at the park where I walk every day … well, yes, just a garbage can, but they burned it up, whether by putting hot firecrackers in the can or by lighting them off from the can. Just amazing and imaging all my furry and feathered friends freaking out from the noise as well. That was terrible but we do have vets with PTSD who saw combat and you have to feel for them during those fireworks. I am glad it is over … for a while anyway.


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