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Another vomiting episode lands Ellis in hospital: October 3, 2021

Happy to see these door after a frenzied evening of sickness at home. 10 p.m.
My tall water bottle filled with iced coffee. Chugging it at 11 p.m. no wonder I’m still up.
Exhausted and fell asleep after medication. Staying the night. It’s early morning and that coffee is still keeping me up. Praying this will be a short stay.

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. My posts revolve around the beauty of nature, homeschooling adventures, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and life as a daydreamer and nature observer. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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    1. We came home Friday afternoon. This stay was longer than expected but instead of getting worked up about it, I decided to just let it go and let God. Maybe God had a reason for the longer stay…hospital is not for the hurting body but also a forced time of thinking about life, faith, family, and priorities for caretakers. In that environment, you can’t help but think about those things.
      It’s so great that you stopped by. I appreciate your comment and your prayers! Stay well and healthy.

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