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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. My posts revolve around the beauty of nature, homeschooling adventures, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and life as a daydreamer and nature observer. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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      1. The fish with their big eyes and big lips and fins moving checking you out. You need a fish-eye lens. A fellow blogger has an iPhone and had downloaded a fish-eye lens app (I think that’s how it worked for her as opposed to a fish-eye lens attachment for her phone) and took these great pictures that were round, sometimes tall trees in a forest, sometimes raindrops but through the fish-eye lens. Very interesting. She has been on a blogging hiatus for about three months – she got shingles in her eye.


      2. Ohhhhh, I didn’t know about a fish-eye lens app. I’ll check it out. Thanks for suggesting it.
        And I hope your blogging friend is in recovery and the shingles subsided. That’s horrible in itself but to have it in the eyes is terrible. Shingles vaccines are available and is something to look into…eeek, all these vaccines!


      3. Yes, slowly recovering and it’s been 3 1/2 months already. My neighbor had it in her one eye and scalp. I got a shingles shot after my neighbor got it and saw what she went thru, but now they have a stronger, better, two-part shot (given three to six months apart) so I will get that next year.
        Here is a post using the fish-eye app – very creative! I see Sabine has tagged it “fisheye pro app iphone photography” so you can see what app it is:


      4. Thank goodness your friend is in recovery! It must’ve been awful to have it on the face; wow, that’s traumatic.
        Great that you got the vaccine and are planning to get the updated one! Prevention is key and early detection of any illnesses.

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      5. Getting shingles near or on the face seems more dangerous than getting it somewhere else on the body. You could go blind!
        Great thing you’re planning on getting the new shingles vaccine. Heard the pain is terrible and shingles used to show up in the older age group but now the younger people are getting it too now.

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      6. Yes, I will get it next year … I thought I had too many shots this year (three COVID, one flu and one pneumonia, plus monthly allergy shots). But for sure next year.


      7. Too many shots this year all around. I agree…give your body a break before taking another vaccination shot. Let’s just get through the colder months without a cold or flu. It’s going to be tricky to discern the difference and hope that Covid numbers don’t skyrocket after the holidays.

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      8. And now we have this new variant to worry about and I heard someone on the news say they’re working on a new vaccine to combat this new strain – unfortunate this new strain has arrived in the Winter and not Summer. But that’s originating in South Africa where they are the opposite to us as to seasons.
        The Spanish Flu pandemic only lasted from 1918 to 1920 and here we are at 20 months into it already and Winter with regular COVID cases – it is beyond worrisome. You and your family stay safe Esther.


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