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FOTD: Seafoam Rose

A few months ago, I realized that a short neighborhood stroll could provide a good nature lessons for us. I’m always taking pictures of flowers anyway, so we find out what it is and its name through Google lens. Now when we walk by it, we can identify it by name. It seems minor but for us it’s an empowering experience to call something in nature by its formal name.

Good landscape and hedge trailing rose plant; hardy and disease resistant

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you have a good, peaceful, and safe day!

Thank you again Cee for hosting this challenge! Great to know that my love for flowers and nature can be shared with this community.

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  1. I like knowing the scientific name of plants, too. In fact, I once wrote a parody of T.S. Eliot’s “The Naming of Cats” using the proper names for flowers. Maybe someday it could be fun and useful for you.


  2. That is very cool Esther and this weekend, February 18th through the 21st, is the Great Backyard Bird Count. You and the kids should count birds (one day in a 15-minute period) and submit your findings online. I will send the link separately in case it goes to SPAM. There are apps you can get if a bird is singing and the app tells you what kind of bird and apps to describe the color, shape, tail, plumage and the bird name comes up on your phone. I don’t have a smartphone so not sure how that part works.


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