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FOTD: 4-1-’22. Peach mini roses

My neighbor V. surprised me with these pretty mini roses as part of Ellis’ bday presents. They are so dainty, elegant, and pretty; bloomed within days. It’s almost been a week but the roses are still plump and fresh. Thank you V.!!

I feel incredibly blessed for the wonderful friends God blesses me with. So many nice and sweet people who share their time and love with me and my family.

Ellis chose to use these mini roses as part of her science flower study; it’s a project we’ve been doing this semester identifying flowers, learning facts about them, and other related information. We learned that peach roses symbolizes friendship and caring.

Thank you Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge and spring is in full swing for us here in CA! Thank you readers for visiting and for your time. Appreciate each of you and feel blessed to be part of this blogging community.

Happy April! Peace and blessings…Esther

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    1. The color is not completely peach but a light ivory with a tint of pink. V. is very thoughtful and surprises me with flowers on special occasions. I feel very blessed for my wonderful friends and people I know. It’s all God who blesses me with the company of good and kind people.

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