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500 followers! 8 things you didn’t know about me

I made a plan that once I reached 500 followers, I’d write a post about “things you didn’t know about me.” It would be a fun way for you to learn more about my idiosyncrasies. It’s harder than I imagined, but I hope they are entertaining and interesting. Kiddos wanted to add their tid bits too, which you’ll find at the end.

Thank you everyone for your reading, likes, follows, and most importantly, you being here. I feel blessed to share my faith, life, developing interests, and to have made friends from all over the globe. It’s a special place!

  1. I’m scared of cats but love funny cat faces on shirts.
  2. I’m allergic to olives (a recent discovery) and lactose intolerant.
  3. My 2 favorite phrases when shopping online: New Arrivals and Delivered Today.
  4. I got my first job as a cashier at Benihana. I was 16 years old and trying to show my parents I could get and keep a job. I quit after 3 hours.
  5. My 11th grade english teacher was Dan Brown. smirk. smirk. Ellis says I’m bragging. ugh. But I don’t know what else to write that would be that interesting.
  6. My favorite color is grey.
  7. My easy meal is rice, eggs, kimchee, and seaweed. I also love breakfast foods, but I rarely eat breakfast in the morning (bona fide night owl allergic to mornings).
  8. A recent realization about myself since our fridge malfunctioned and died. I can’t live without ice.

Kiddos wanted to add 1 thing about themselves too:

Elliot: I’m scared of whales and when I was younger I wanted to be Thomas the train. *face palm*

Ellis: I’m obsessed with cute furry animals but I’m terrified of them in real life.

pic from last weekend: windy and cloudy day

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. I'm an avid nature photographer and a daydreaming thinker. My posts revolve around photos of nature's beauty, homeschooling adventures with my 2 kids, sporadic reflections on my child's heart condition, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and other mish mash things. Hopefully you'll leave encouraged, pensive, or smiling at the simple things of life. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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  1. Congratulations on your 500th blog post Esther! I like brown as a favorite color and I am sure people think “brown – it is so dull?!” I like it though. Well, I had to Google Dan Brown – didn’t know his pedigree. 🙂 I like the photos of the kids and their “admissions” plus the photo of all of you. P.S. Furry friends are cool as plushies or real furry friends and whales are very large and I wouldn’t want to be out on a boat and come upon one! Here’s to another 500 posts!


    1. Thanks Linda! Brown is a good color too…just got to know how to match it. Somehow grey gives me a soothing feeling.
      He was an amazing teacher who introduced me to poetry, writing, reading, and finding my confidence. He helped me overcome my english phobia when I was a struggling student and couldn’t properly conjugate verbs. I left my catholic all girl school and transferred to a small prep school in Beverly Hills that enrolled only 16 students. It was a tiny school where student got lots of individual attention and students needed help. Well, no one saw potential in me except him during my entire schooling history, but he sparked something in my mind that made me dream of and actually get a degree in english literature. He wrote my recommendation letters for college.
      This was a big deal because I couldn’t even write an essay to save my life. I told myself that I’d tell him how much he helped me achieve once I got enough degrees. When I started my doctoral program, I went back to the school principal to ask her for his contact information. She looked at me as if I was from another planet, and then I understood when she handed me an article that he had become a bestselling author. She said that she’d give me his info at the end of summer after I worked as her assistant. Well, you can guess the end of the story. She never shared. And by that time I felt that he was too famous to even care and misunderstand my intentions. He may think that I was reaching out to him because he had gotten famous. So that’s the story. My own fear of being misunderstood keeps me from reaching out to him to tell him that he saved a struggling student in a mighty way.
      BTW, Ellis saw the length of my reply and said, “who are you replying to?” When I said “Linda” she smiled and then went back to beading her bracelet. She’s gotta know everything!


      1. That is an incredible story Esther. It is nice when someone becomes your mentor or even takes you under their wing and you know what – you should definitely write and catch up with him and show him your blog. I did not know the name as I’ve read none of his books – I hope to become an avid reader once I retire (yesterday he said “maybe another year” – I did not ask, he brought it up). One thing I miss is reading. I was once a voracious reader, but now fitting in a book between work/walking/blogging – it only happens on a long holiday in Winter it seems. I just mentioned to another blogger yesterday that I had a mentor at the ad agency and he took me under his wing and was determined I would rise above being a secretary in the Creative Department to become a junior copywriter. He urged me to write a company newsletter, a fun compilation of things the agency did, especially our department – get togethers, etc and take my camera to events. It was a pocket camera. So then we lost our account and he went to another agency – he could not take me with him. We lost touch – that was in 1980 and no cellphones, social media but a few years into my blog, I decided to contact him and send him my blog. When I first had access to the internet, I Googled him and learned he was a film producer who lived on the East Coast. So I Googled to find a “contact me” somewhere and his obituary notice came up – he had died a few weeks before. So do it now Esther – contact him and tell him about your life since school, your family, your blog. I am sure there is contact info for him somewhere. I regretted I didn’t touch base earlier, then, Jerry was a writer and he was paired with an art director whose name was Larry. They both left, but Larry went to California and also worked in film production (Sun Dog I think) and was an artist and professor at one of the California Universities. I liked Larry, lost touch with him and wondered if he knew about Jerry. I contacted him through school – he knew and we e-mailed back and forth. He gave me his art site and I told him about my blog. Asked if I could use a few of his paintings in my blog and he said “anything you want to use – no problem.” I saw a pic of a soldier in a trench … planned to use it for Memorial Day and went back the following year, the art site was gone and Googled his name and learned he had also passed away suddenly. I was shocked. I just looked for his obituary notice and can’t find it – I wanted to know the University where he taught. Can’t find it.

        That’s funny about Ellis – she keeps you on your toes!

        P.S. – it is 73 in the house and cold. I froze when I went out this morning … crazy weather!

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      2. Linda, you have an incredible story too! It’s sad that your mentor passed away and Larry suddenly passed too. Your story reminds me that time passes quickly and I should reach out when it’s possible. I guess I’m scared that my sincerity will not be conveyed and that he won’t remember me (that’ll be disillusioning since he played such a significant role for me). My writing tutor in college was an amazing writer and philosopher; he promised to write my first book’s introduction. lol. He passed from cancer a few years ago and I didn’t even know about it until I searched for his name. I thought it weird that he never responded to my emails…now I know why.
        I remember you mentioned your mentor before and how he couldn’t take you with him when he moved. I wonder what would’ve happened if you moved with him and kept working in the ad agency.
        We got wild weather here too…90s this weekend.
        And guess what Linda? Our fridge died and we have been without a working fridge all week. Our new one was delivered yesterday and it’s still in the hallway. The Samsung people need to send out 3 guys to haul the old one and install the new one this Saturday. It’s been quite a week! Our fridge is an iced box in the bathtub. lol

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      3. Ester, I too often wonder how my life would have played out if I was able to go along with him, or … or, if Lee Iacocca had not fired our agency and two other agencies that worked on the Chrysler-Plymouth account? People appear and disappear from our lives … I was sorry I didn’t reach out earlier.

        Your weather has given you a run for your money for sure – at least Hurricane Fiona will not mess with you.

        Sorry to hear about your fridge. Hope you did not lose too much food from the fridge biting the dust. It never ends does it and I hope before the fridge died it did not leak water on your new floor and cause any mold – just what you would need!

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      4. You’re right…people come in and out of our lives. Wish I were better about reaching out to people; like I mentioned before, I’m more of an introvert although I have some extrovert characteristics. But extroversion makes me tired. Heh?! Life is complex.
        We finally got our new fridge installed after a week. Kiddos are happy that they don’t have to eat pancakes every morning and have cold water. lol. Grateful for refrigeration.

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