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Encouragement for homeschoolers

“When home education is placed in its proper place, seen as a gift, a blessing, a tool, an act of stewardship, and when it is embraced in humility, it is a lovely thing.”
Dawn Gregg

How I wish I could make it like that! Been a tough yet rewarding week. Yesterday I completely forgot Ellis had a cardiology appointment until the nurse called me and asked where we were. Home, naturally.

Well, no appointments are available, so we better come in. Pulled Elliot out of his online math class but he decided to continue his zoom class during the car ride: while the other one wept quietly in the other car seat… unexpected doctor visit and scared. Frazzled.

Elliot got to cheerlead and clap for Ellis when she was through with her appointment: he holding her purse and jacket. His impromptu clapping made everyone smile.

Me, constantly dabbing my eyes to remove sticky goop. Doctor says it’s dry eye symptoms. Worsened this week. How the goop returns so quickly astounds me. I got eye wipes, tissues, and some compress cloth thing. Hot mess!

A trip to See’s candy afterwards for some lollipops helped with the unexpected funk. God help us! Even though we have crazy, offbeat days, we manage and still can say we had a “blast” and hug it out. God is truly GOOD! He’s more evident in the storms.

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