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Propagated plants 2022

Here are some photos of my propagated plants! It’s a thrill to see them growing taller and sprouting new leaves over time, albeit slow. One thing I desperately need to stop doing: pulling on the leaves.

When I see the plants growing healthy, I worry that it’ll die soon. Makes no sense, I know. I wonder if the cut leaves have rooted well, so I carefully pull on them to see if there’s resistance in the soil. When there’s resistance, I should stop. But I can’t stop wondering if it really is: do they need more dirt, water, fertilizer, etc, and I keep pulling at. Seconds later, it’s rooted no more. That’s when I start frantically planting it in again hoping no damage has been done.

Even with all my gardening antics, my propagated plants are growing and thriving. Yay for their resilience. A new year goal is to stop pulling on them and let them be.

left: Pothos’ stem and leaves; right: Baby Rubber Plant
Pothos (terracotta and indigo stripe pot), ZZ (white pot: only rooted, no new growths), and Baby Rubber Plant (blue can; 2 new leaves) propagations

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  1. I’ve never had luck. Mine grow tall but not sturdy. I am having luck with a small rooted rosemary section from the garden and I put it in water, no soil, and it’s doing great! Maybe in the spring/summer I can replant it into 2023’s garden!


    1. Oh yes, you should try again in the spring! I always set out fresh in the spring and get some new growth, but then they eventually die. ugh…sad really. But these houseplants have been good to me.
      If your plants are growing tall but not sturdy, I’m wondering if they need fertilizer or some vitamins to help with the sturdiness. Great to hear about the rosemary!
      I have the worst luck with basil, and that’s one herb I really want to grow too.

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      1. I hope so! But it’s been a hard herb for me to grow. The beginning is good but then they start to wilt and die off.
        I may get a full grown basil plant and go from there. Starting from seed is a tough process for me.

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    1. Thanks friend! I’m surprised at how well these guys are growing. I tend to them everyday and wonder then they’ll grow super big and lush for me. So the tending everyday has its own mishaps too…like pulling on them or overwatering. lol.
      Maybe this spring you could start with something small too? Like an aloe plant or Pothos (this plant is hardy). I’ll probably do more container gardening with all my ardor in my beginning, but then the thriving and harvesting any veggies, herbs, or flowers is another thing.
      Hope you are having a good week with Christmas behind us and new years just a few days away!

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