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Wonder at seeing a rainbow

via Daily Prompt: Wonder Kids wonder all the time. To see and hear the output of their wondering is magical stuff. I often find that I take a lot of things for granted: seen that before, done that too, nothing new. However, In California, rain is very rare; it’s highly […]

Homeschool 2018 Olympic Mania!

The 2018 Winter Olympics was an awesome experience for our family, and much to our dismay, it has come to an end. Our family has been zealously watching a lot of the sports and cheering wildly together. At first my kids had no idea about the Olympics but after sensing […]

What in the world is rube?!

I have never heard someone use the word “rube” in my life. At first glance, I thought it was related to rubiks cube or a ruby gem. But a quick search on the internet showed me it’s a negative word to describe an unsophisticated person who is from a rural […]

Dress up vs. costumes for kids

Costume Dressing up is a favorite pastime of ours. Kids get very excited to put together zany outfits with random things they find around the house. Rarely do we refer to it as costumes: it’s just called dress up. Comparing these two words make me realize that both words have […]