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Kid whining = mommy going nuts

I don’t like uncertainty. I don’t like to wait. I don’t like ambiguity. In other words, I want answers now. I don’t like to wait and see. But life keeps throwing me circumstances that require me to “wait and see,” a phrase often used in Ellis’ doctor visits. Our current […]

Jello water is not regular water

Since my last blog entry, the kids and I have been running around town enjoying our newfound freedom. We’re still wary of colds and viruses for Ellis’ sake, but we’re not afraid like we used to be. (update: 2 weeks after I started writing this entry…Elliot just finished his 5 […]

Rethinking life’s interruptions

While driving home from an errand last week, I saw an unusual sight by the sidewalk. A heavily tanned man, wearing navy shorts, a thin tattered tank top, and no footwear, was standing on top of an overturned shopping cart under a medium-sized tree. With bare hands, he held onto […]

Looking beyond 24 stitches

Entering the next chapter of our lives… Ellis was discharged Tuesday afternoon on October 4th after a 9-day stay at the hospital. From the moment she woke up from the anesthesia in the ICU, home was the first thing on her mind. With a raspy voice she told me to […]

In recovery phase now

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our appreciation and gratefulness for all your prayers,  check ins, support, texts,  treats for our kids,  encouragement,  refreshments, and conversation!! We are overwhelmed and humbled by all the love that’s been showered upon us. I wish I could’ve updated sooner to let […]