Flower of the Day: May 21, 2019. Chrysanthemum Greens

The stems of these pretty flowers are edible. It has a fresh earthy scent that tastes great in spicy fish stew. But growing up, I remember eating these greens raw: sometimes my mom would make this as a side dish seasoned with minced garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and spicy red pepper seasoning as a side dish.

This is my first time seeing them grow in its entirety. I could’ve mistaken them for daisies except the stems were leafy, tall, and windy. I think they look romantic and vintage-y.

Flower of the Day: May 3, 2019. Billy Balls Yellow Flower

On an afternoon walk yesterday, Ellis and I had to stop and inspect these whimsical yellow balls. They were perfectly round flowers, so perfectly intact that it almost looked artificial.

The owner of the house must’ve seen us looking at them, because she came out to tell us more about them. This type of flower is called Craspedia (Billy Ball Yellow Flowers). They are easy to care for, hardy, and grows prolifically: criteria met for a black thumb like me.

The lady was nice enough to give Ellis 3 stems to take home. I’m tempted to plant them in one of our containers: wonder if they will propagate. But I know my limits.

I can’t juggle plants/ flowers and keep alive 3 Neon Tetra fish, 1 Betta fish, and 5 snails (imperative to keep them alive after the loss of 3 fish and 2 frogs earlier this year). So the yellow ping pong balls are housed next to our faux green stems for now.