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Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trio

This photo challenge is from Dutch goes the Photo!

The picture below covered a store window that was in the middle of remodeling. I took the photo hoping to share it on my blog one day; its message is encouraging and picture cheerful. That one day was two days later. Yay!

And of course, my kids and I make a trio. In our homeschooling journey, we spend a lot of time together doing this and that. 

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

I take a lot of pictures through glass when we visit museums and other fun places with my kids. Their glasses are kept so pristine that sometimes it feels like an invisible barrier.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

This frog is not a rock statue…as I first thought. He was still as a rock though with his eyes closed.

An ant carrying a leaf double/ triple its size at the California Academy of Sciences.

Baby hippo and mommy at the San Diego Zoo.

Swimming penguin at the San Diego Zoo’s “Africa Rocks” exhibit

Ellis screaming “whaaaaa” while brother lifts her up for this photo opp at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves in Black &White

Something fun about buckets and pails. When my kids find an empty, round vessel around, they can’t resist: they have to at least try to sit in it, stand in it, squeeze into it, or put it on their heads.

The other day my kids helped me wash vegetables; when they were done, the rinsing bowl went missing. As you can see in the picture below, Ellis said she was a robot and started chasing her brother. Both took turns.

While I was washing something, Ellis decided to stand inside the pail.

Heavy duty rubber bucket at grandpa’s farm. These buckets are so versatile to use but too clunky for storage.

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How I entertain the kids


One-word prompt/ January 14, 18

Most days I entertain my kids pretty well. It requires letting go of my introvert nature, getting into the silly mode, and playing. A sure fire way to make them burst into laughter is making ridiculous sound effects while talking about bodily functions, like fart or poop.

Sometimes when I’m on a roll I realize that it’s easy to entertain and have fun. The hardest part is its longevity: kids expect you to do it over and over again. Pretending to be a chick hatching out of a chicken egg or acting like a baby sloth gets dull after the tenth time or so. Although playing comes easily for kids, I find it hard to do.

You never know what will entertain the kids: it could be the box the toy came packaged in or discovering lost toys under the couch. Kids naturally find things to do on their own, but I put an immense amount of pressure on myself to entertain them in ways that promote learning. But it makes me wonder: Why do I burden myself with this drive to constantly entertain?; What about spontaneity?; Can we get entertainment fatigue?; What does it mean to entertain, for the entertainer or for the entertained?

Definitely more questions than answers.