Figuring out new things…don’t like it

Both kids have developed a sudden love for video games. We tried pushing it off this summer as long as we could, but we relented. Minecraft.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Minecraft | Common Sense Media

We have entered a new play zone. They’re growing up.

This meant hours of research online learning about it, deciding which version to buy, setting it up (which Chris did), learning the game, enduring YouTube videos of people playing the game, and (fruitlessly) establishing cross-play between servers. I don’t like it at all!!

It seems easy to understand but little details slow down the process. I’ve been helping Elliot set up a play with his friend online, and it’s been a process. I handed my phone over to the kids and they misread their friend’s username. So the whole time I’ve been dealing with the wrong name. Impatient and frustrated! I so want to get mad at them and at me for not double checking the spelling. Ack! I feel bad that we wasted everyone’s time. Kids are clueless about this: Ellis fell asleep after waiting for texts from friend’s mom and Elliot is humming as he plays minecraft by himself.

I hope you don’t mind. Just needed to share my maddening past hour.

Flower of the Day: July 27, 2020.

I finally dusted off the cobweb from Chris’ DSLR camera and opened up its pocket-size manual. It’s not my thing to read instructions, but there’s too many dials and numbers that make no sense to me. That was yesterday and I already accidentally pushed it into a bowl of noodles. ugh…blame it on not wearing my glasses.

My goodness, all this stuff about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. I’ll have to divvy it up into sections; my first subject is aperture. The manual explained that if I set the aperture, the camera will automatically determine the shutter speed and vice versa.

Ok, so I start learning and experimenting with different aperture. You could say I went a bit overboard: I took over 600 pictures of flowers, kid-made dinosaur land, and kids experimenting with light.

So here’s one of my flower pictures from those 600 pictures.

This entry is for Cee’s FOTD challenge. Thanks for hosting and have a great start to a new week.