Learning one new word can chip away at ignorance

(a day late posting dim daily prompt)

Mulling over the daily post words is broadening my understanding of various words and dimming my ignorance.

Every morning I eagerly scroll through my feed to see which word is chosen. Then I make a decision of whether I’m going to take the daily prompt challenge or wait for the next word tomorrow.

If I had more discipline to wake up early to write, I may be more successful posting regularly. But the thought of starting the day before kids scares me…will I have enough energy to last the day? It would be nice to have uninterrupted hours where I’m not scooping up another overturned box of toys, cleaning up spilled milk, making meals, or doing a multitude of mundane things that moms do on a daily basis.

I’ve been told that this season with young kids doesn’t last forever and eventually they’ll need me less. ok, ok, I digress: back to writing about the daily word prompt.


Have you noticed that when writing with the word in mind, your understanding of the word becomes less certain? It does for me. If I repeat the word in my mind over and over again, its meaning becomes more vague. Whatever I think I knew about the word becomes less clear.


This constant looking up and examining words makes learning new words more empowering. Words have so much power to transform, encourage, challenge, enlighten, and inspire.