Travel with me, Photo 2: Lighthouse

Thank you Yvette from Priorhouse blog for inviting me to share 10 travel photos! Here’s my travel #2 photos.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego: a museum where you can explore the lighthouse keeper’s living quarters, assistant’s home, garden, as outside grounds.

Here’s a brief synopsis of this place. Construction began in 1854 and was completed by 1855. Although its above sea level spot seemed ideal at first, the lighthouse was too high: it got covered by fogs and low clouds.

So in 1891, a new replacement lighthouse was built on the lower level of this land. By 1913, the abandoned and frequently vandalized lighthouse would be replaced with a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (first European from Spain to discover this area in 1524). The idea was proposed by Order of Panama, a group established to preserve the Spanish heritage of this region. However the proposal time expired before the monument was constructed. Through the President’s order, half an acre was still designated for the monument.

In 1933-1935, the Cabrillo National Monument became part of the National Park System and a significant rehabilitation of the old lighthouse started to eventually open up to the public.

These immersive kinds of museums are my favorite places to visit. You get to imagine living in a different time period. We loved visiting this place for the fresh air, ocean views, and exploring a real lighthouse keeper’s home. I wonder how I would’ve felt to sit at that dining table and see only vast land and the beautiful ocean. Morning: lovely and refreshing to bask in the sunlight. Nightime: lonely and scared of the darkness and sound of waves.

*I hope my summarization provides an informative glimpse of this captivating place. To learn more thoroughly about this place, check out both of these websites.


serene view overlooking the ocean from the monument
Jose Rodriguez Cabrillo monument
a leisurely walk up to the lighthouse from the monument; leisurely for some but I was huffing and puffing with the walk and hot day

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