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Photo of a determined tree

Can't stop this tree How does this happen?! And how do you fix it? Still an interesting sight, and a great reminder that fences can't bind nature. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall that sends the frozen ground swell under it.""My apple trees will never get acrossand eat the cones under his pines,I… Continue reading Photo of a determined tree

Nature observations and thoughts

A little flower blooms despite hostile conditions

Words from my six-year-old son gazing at our abandoned plants: "Mommy, we are terrible planters. Everything dies." My gardening skills are disastrous. I could take a perfectly thriving plant and kill it in days. But my hopeless optimism convinces me to plant seeds each spring. Occasional crops that sprout drive this desire: a mini watermelon;… Continue reading A little flower blooms despite hostile conditions