Six Word Saturday: What do you think lives inside?

A slow rattling sound could be heard behind the green part of this rock wall. Whatever it was, I told them to step away. What if a snake poked his head out? No Thanks!
Still wondering about that sound. Ellis is not taking any chances…stands behind brother.

Thanks Debbie for hosting this challenge!

Dinosaur park photos with surprise guest

California state-wide quarantine has kept us home for days except for the occasional walk to the mailbox or Chris going to the grocery store. Yesterday kids and I ventured out to a local park for some fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. I couldn’t bear to play another round of Bakugan trading cards or the newly-concocted junior version Elliot made up so his sister could play.

These days we’re learning to appreciate what was taken for granted and to reaffirm gratefulness for the big and small things.

For our nature walk, we took silly pictures of dino figures roaming the wild.

Finally, our surprising guest to wrap up today’s nature experience:

This furry critter poking his head out to munch on leaves. Made us jump for different reasons: kids, delighted; me, startled and afraid.