Edible wildflowers…it’s posted on my professor’s blog.

You can read my guest post at the link below: http://www.fourleavesandtales.blog/ The topic is on edible flowers. I hope it'll inspire adding some new florals into your diet! (Nervous gulp for me though...I'm not an adventurous foodie.) I hope you'll also get a chance to become familiar with Frances Schoonmaker's historical fantasy novel, The Black… Continue reading Edible wildflowers…it’s posted on my professor’s blog.


Baking for the holidays

Baking is a mystery to me. I have friends who can bake moist, fluffy, delicious, too-pretty-to-eat desserts. Mine, on the other hand, emerge from the oven misshaped, too hard, lumpy, or burnt. I've been told that baking successfully requires meticulous measurements of ingredients and following directions closely. Those requirements kill me. I tend to improvise… Continue reading Baking for the holidays