Flower of the day: February 5, 2021. Budding Daisies

Daisies always make me happy, like I’m running in a field of greens and colorful daisies all around! I’ve never done that, but it sounds delightful. These daisies were low to the ground and young: looked like they just opened their eyes to the sun. They beam with charm.

“The pyramids of Egypt will not last a moment compared to the daisy.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful start to the weekend. Happy February!

Also, thank you Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge. I’ve wanted to post flowers earlier this week, but it’s been a hectic week of this and that (nothing in particular but lots of cooking, cleaning, and all that housekeeping and raising kids stuff). Stay well and happy Friday. 🙂

Bird must be wondering

What happened here?! This vacant well-built nest was found on the grassy part of the sidewalk. We immediately checked for new eggs or baby birds. Nothing. Probably got knocked down by the wind or a small animal.

“You’ll have a lot more respect for a bird after you try making a nest.” ~ Cynthia Lewis

Well constructed and cozy. Birds are amazing builders!!