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Sea urchins love hats

Sea urchins wear hats! I’m not kidding. At the aquarium, we saw these sea urchins with shells and a piece of coral tube stuck on top of its head. Laughing it off we said they’re fadhionistos wearing hats. Looking it up at home, we actually learned it’s a safety mechanism […]

Pesky seagulls

These determined seagulls poked around this beach goer’s backpack for some tasty goods. The owner wasn’t nearby, so these birds went nuts on it. It was the pecking sound from the beak on the plastic container that got our attention. Tap…tap…tap…tap…tap The treat was unharmed, no belongings shredded, and the […]

Wait a minute…that not a turkey

My kiddos and I enjoy taking closer looks into creeks and seeing the different kinds of creatures that live there. It’s mesmerizing to observe nature doing its thing. Well, it was definitely that yesterday. We walked down a small slope to the side of a creek where Ellis wanted to […]