Photo challenge. Reflections: years later

2005 or 2006 Engagement photo. Been a long time: all the years blend together!
Sibling photo_December 2006

When sorting through pictures last week, I found two pictures with interesting similarities between Chris and I, and the kids.

How in the world are both pictures in similar poses with a Christmas background?! They’re like mini versions of us. I’m sure when they get older, they’ll scream when they see this photo. “Ick,” they’ll say. It’s was the photographer’s idea…I think they have standard poses for siblings in that age range.

I will cherish these photos for a long time. I took pictures of pictures on my cell phone, rushing, in case we had to evacuate from the wildfires. Pictures are memories of times past, good and bad, and the thought of losing them made me nervous. Since the fire warning lifted, I can now scan the pictures slowly and do so without the cellphone shadow.

(These pictures I took from the original photos, so you’ll see the shadow on the latter half of the picture.)

The many memories I will forever treasure. 

K. Hooton

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City Sonnet: Home. April 05, 2020

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.” William J. Bennett

A bedroom in a San Diego lighthouse
Room for chaplain at USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, San Diego
Making friends with the logging community in a recreated outdoor home
Gorilla family at Safari Park Zoo, San Diego

Thanks City Sonnet for hosting this challenge! Fun topics.

Photo challenge: Sleeping.

Little kids are adorable when they doze off for a nap or fall asleep for the night. Babies are another story; they are truly like peaceful tiny angels. Something about their smooth and chubby cheeks, their content-filled faces, little arms wrapped around their favorite blankie/s or stretched in whichever direction they choose, or their frog-leg position. Not a care in the world, just focused on getting their rest.

One favorite thing I like to do is to hold my kids when they sleep and to sniff their face and head: I know…that’s weird! But the smell is intoxicating, sweet, and heavenly; not all the time these days, mainly after a head to toe washing. When they were babies however, I could just sniff all day and kiss their little faces and arms.

I feel a bit reassured that a scientific study backs up my seemingly odd behavior. A 2013 study by psychologists examined the effects of baby smell on women who have given birth and not given birth. Here is an excerpt from Sara Cottrell’s (2017) article discussing this phenomenon:

In 2013, Frasnelli co-authored a study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology that looked closely at how women responded to the scent of newborn body odor. He and his colleagues recruited 30 women, including 15 who had just given birth and 15 who had never, and had them each smell the scent of an unfamiliar newborn who was less than 2 days old. The results confirmed what moms everywhere already know: Baby smell is mesmerizing. Brain scans of the participants showed that “body odors from 2 day-old newborns elicit activation in reward-related cerebral areas in women,” the study authors wrote. In fact, it didn’t appear to matter whether the subjects had previously given birth or not; the brains of women from both categories reacted to the baby smell as if it were a delicious treat, or even a drug.

I could barely find any pictures of Elliot sleeping. It’s probably because I was napping or sleeping whenever he did or too busy staring at the walls in tired dreariness. According to him however, he never sleeps or gets tired.

Trying to nap or just waking up from a nap while sister still sleeps; that’s her foot poking out of the blanket.

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