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Can’t sleep

When you need to sleep but can’t. Tried but sleep won’t come; instead, got a migraine. Happens every few months. Usual pattern before Ellis’ heart clinic appointment. I think they need labwork and Ellis is a bundle of nerves. Calming her down has reverse effects on me. I get nervous […]

Monday ramblings update…

Had a virtual meeting with the eye doctor this morning. She says a lot of things can happen in a month and will check on the condition of the eye holes in 3 weeks. (*correction: yesterday I confused the tear as a hole. sorry for the confusion) Possible causes: head […]

Monday ramblings

It’s subtle but daylight is sticking around much later than 4:30 p.m. Each day is staying longer by a minute; the cumulative effects add up. We love longer days and feeling the stillness of warm afternoons. Here’s an abrupt subject change. Since yesterday I deleted a few drafts of possible […]