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Fotd: 2-1-’23

“February is the border between winter and spring” Terri Guillemets, “Years” Thanks Cee for hosting! It’s been a while since I contributed to your challenge. Cold weather has been hard for the flowers, but I saw these pretty buds today. Hope you are well. Thank you, readers, for stopping by. […]

FOTD: 1-10-’23

These red blooms were delightful to see on a cloudy afternoon, just as it was turning dusk. Thanks Cee for hosting, and thank you readers for stopping by! California is getting some serious rain. Stay safe on the roads.

Propagated plants 2022

Here are some photos of my propagated plants! It’s a thrill to see them growing taller and sprouting new leaves over time, albeit slow. One thing I desperately need to stop doing: pulling on the leaves. When I see the plants growing healthy, I worry that it’ll die soon. Makes […]