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Encouraging verse: Proverbs 3:5

This is a great verse to memorize and meditate on during the day. My understanding is nothing like the Lord’s, so I need to trust that He knows what He’s doing and sees the whole picture. When we first started homeschooling, it wasn’t an option we happily considered. But Ellis’ […]

The evening to night sky

The sky is a sight to behold! It’s so vast, marvelous, and grandiose. It’s blinding to look at the bright, glaring sun or sunset, but the night sky is breath taking. Sitting on the balcony of our hotel room in San Diego at 2 a.m., the ambiance was peaceful and […]

How I feel…like this tree

This tree is a good reflection of how I feel this morning. I’ve noticed that big hospital events rekindle latent depression and irritableness in me. It’s not a good look. 😕 I  want to be a good role model and not let emotions get the better of me, but I’m […]