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Simple inquiry in my mind and God goes ahead to answer

Last Thursday I wrote a post about my new large print Bible and half-heartedly wondered the deeper purpose of reading the Bible and anything tangible I could gain from it. Aside from the obvious that it’s the living word of God and life enriched by its reading, my results-oriented mind asked, “am I wasting my time?” Seriously, I could not believe that a self-professed Jesus follower would even pose this question.

But God is not attacked or offended by such musings. I didn’t muse expecting an answer, but God had different plans: he would not let it go unaddressed. Within days, He pointed me to 2 confirmations, that yes, it’s worth my time, life, my soul, and more.

First tap on the shoulder:

On Friday night’s Bible Study, we studied how the church thrives when everyone participates in it. Ministry is not just for paid ministers, where the congregation just spectate from the sidelines, but everyone has a special role of play in church. We are to be trained and to equip others to be the church for people. Referring to the book of Ephesians 4: 14-16, the study explains, “Having a poor foundation in the truth of Scripture makes you susceptible to all kinds of false teachings that can lead you away from God.” How did this thought escape me? Of course! I’ve got to know what the Bible says so I don’t get swayed by what sounds attractive but false in the world.

“We wont be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.” Ephesians 4: 14 (NLT)

Second tap on the shoulder:

On Saturday night, I decided to read a chapter of a book titled “Lectures To My Students” by Charles Spurgeon. Amazon suggested this book as a possible read and I got it specifically because it mentioned the word “lectures.” I’m a big nerd like that. It felt good to have the book in my possession but I rarely perused it it. However, with nothing to read on Saturday night, I picked it up and decided to tackle a random chapter: “Lecture Thirteen – To Workers with Slender Apparatus.” Hmmm, the mind reads what it wants. I thought it read slender physiques. Lol. Embarrassing.

I wondered what he’d have to say about skinny ministers and thought it a comical topic. I assumed that was his direction, because he discussed the importance of voice in an earlier chapter and had humor in his lectures. He taught that ministers should develop their voice; those with narrow chests should exercise with dumbbells; don’t put hands in one’s pockets; don’t do the “nasal twang”; throw back one’s shoulder as singers do when preaching; take care of your teeth and throat; and don’t wear tight clothes. When talking about voice volume he explains, “Do not give your hearers head-aches when you mean to give them heart-aches: you aim to keep them from sleeping in their pews, but remember that it not needful to burst the drums of the ear.” (p. 92). So I assumed he’d have something to say about skinny ministers and how they should bulk up for physical stamina to preach. How wrong I was.

By “slender apparatus” he meant lean reading materials for ministers. Spurgeon made a strong case for how churches should provide an allowance and hopefully a library for ministers to have sufficient access to quality books: “A good library should be looked upon as an indispensable part of church furniture.” (p. 136). However, if churches could not afford them, the Holy Bible would suffice. He referred to it as “In case the famine of books should be sore in the land, there is one book which you all have, and that is your Bible: and a minister with his Bible is like David with his sling and stone, fully equipped for the fray. No man may say that he has no well to draw from while the Scriptures are within reach.” (p. 140)

This chapter is informative with ideas on how ministers can manage with a lean library: read deeply, choose books wisely, borrow books from a friend but return the loan faithfully, study oneself, keep your eyes open to nature, and learn from the saints and people’s lives.

God answered even though I didn’t even directly ask. He works supernaturally and personally gets involved. He’s such a good and great God! And I didn’t realize I had this interesting and insightful book in my library. I’ll continue to read it and any good information I’ll sure to share with you here. πŸ™‚

If you have question/s for God, I encourage you to ask and see how He’ll respond. You will be surprised and encouraged.

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  1. Isn’t wonderful knowing that we can take all our questions to God, directly through prayer or not? I write down so many of my biblical questions and eventually they get answered over time. 😊

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