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Back home from the er

We got back home from the ER 14 hours later. The hours seemed to pass slow and fast but without any windows, it felt like we were stuck in a time warp. Relieved to be discharged without getting admitted to the hospital. All her cyclic vomiting episodes had resulted in […]

Another bout of cyclic vomiting

I don’t want to admit it, but it seems Ellis is going through another bout of cyclic vomiting. I’m sitting here wondering if we should go to the er now or wait. Well… I’m writing this 2 hours after I wrote that last sentence. We’re at the er. Scary as […]

RDP Wednesday: Toys

My kids and I are obsessed with cute plushies and toy figures. They all have history, memories, and special people related to them. The madness began when they were young and began as a practical and consoling way to get through any sicknesses, doctor visits, ER trips, and hospital stays. […]