Happy New Year 2021 and some thoughts about life

Wishing you all a healthy, blessed, and joyful year!!

Year 2020 has been a tsunami of catastrophic problems affecting each of us in myriad ways. Problems of last year hasn’t magically disappeared because the number on our calendar changed. However, a new year seems to symbolically refresh the mind and heart to start new. I hope we all have a healthier, wiser, happier, successful, and improved life in 2021. And for those areas of life beyond our control, let’s pray and wait expectantly for God’s hand to move in wonderful and transformational ways.

This year I’m not starting with specific resolutions. Instead, I want to make small changes that will positively affect the quality of my life. I’ve heard that the stresses of last year have caused hair loss issues in some individuals. I’m one of them. It’s not severe but to me it’s noticeable. When I see sparseness in the mirror, I sigh: a really deep sigh. This symptom tells me I should work harder to establish balance in my life.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

    do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do,

    and he will show you which path to take.

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Even though I’m starting the year with less resilience, I will take it a day at a time. This is strange for me to share publicly, because I’m usually optimistic about life and like to encourage others. But as I shared in my earlier post, beneath the happy exterior, a whole lot of sadness lurks. I will be ok and in the meantime, I’m waiting for the old warrior spirit to emerge again! I need my faith to rekindle ASAP! It’s time to open the Bible and get reading.

Again, happy new year! You’re awesome and I appreciate each of one of you readers! You guys make my writing journey worthwhile and special.

Blogging update: will post more soon

Hi everyone! It’s been days since my last post and I wanted to pop in and say “hello” to my dear readers.

I’ll post more soon when I get my replacement computer. In the meantime, sharing our backup one with my kids at a time when they have Zoom classes severely limits my time on it.

My laptop completely died 2 weeks ago when a new replacement charger refused to stay plugged in. It was held in place by taping it to the table, but that lost its effectiveness. It is now permanently retired.

Not to bore you with the details, but I’ve been on a destructive bent with our home electronics. In July, the replacement charger I ordered on Ebay for Ellis’ tablet (honestly, don’t know what happened) melted the charging port. And I accidentally cracked the laptop screen to our backup computer. My phone screen has been cracked for months when Elliot dropped it on the edge of a chair: and the crack has been getting larger. Eeeek!!

So I’m still here thinking about things to blog about, but won’t be regularly posting until the computer Chris wants to order is back in stock and set up by my helpful, problem solving, and tech savvy husband. (wink*wink: I hope he reads this)

Wanted to update you all in case you were wondering about my M.I.A. and my minimal reading and commenting on my followed blogs.

I found my first fall leaf yesterday…

Leaves are getting ready for fall

Happy new year!!

Happy New Year!! 2019 is here.

Thank you everyone for walking with me this year. Feel so grateful for this blogging community, keeping in touch with friends through it, making new friends, and having this creative space to share.

2018 was a good year!! Lots of sunshine and outings beyond the usual bubble that we’ve been living. Having these opportunities were God send moments to have new adventures as a family.

Ellis went on her first airplane ride to San Diego and she was laughing out loud at take off and landing. Being away from home and having new experiences did take us down the trails of Emergency Departments and frantic calls to the doctor, but spending time with grandparents and having our kids play with their cousins in SoCal were more than worth it. Memories to cherish.

Wishing everyone a health-filled, happy, peaceful, and blessed new year!!

Photo by Jason Villanueva on Pexels.com