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A Photo a Week: The Things that Matter Most

Thank you Nancy for hosting this challenge. So fun reminiscing while looking for these photos.

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of me and Chris. It was taken with a regular camera, so I don’t have a digital copy of it. 

We took this photo in Central Park after he proposed in front of my apartment door in NYC. Both of us were graduate students at the time and limited on time and resources, so it didn’t seem too nerdy that he proposed with a power point presentation. At that point in our relationship, he could do no wrong in my eyes. Now, well…let’s just say that relationships evolve/ mature over time and I’ve come to love all the weirdness and idiosyncrasies about him.    

My second favorite picture of my little peeps. Picture day, and Elliot was not too happy with the tie so much. 
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Photo Challenge of the Week: Clouds
Thank you RyanPhotography for hosting this challenge! It was fun to look through my photos and search for clouds. 

Looking up at the skies and the sculptures of happy children
Waiting for Chris and Elliot to pick us up after Ellis’ e.r. visit in San Diego. 
Beautiful lined palm trees to the hospital with a fluffy white cloud in the sky.
Skyline of San Diego on a gloomy June day. Colored picture was blah so changed it to black and white for a different look.
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Flower of the Day: November 25, 2018

“The earth laughs in flowers.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daisies remind me of open fields and sunshine. Their simplicity is full of cheerfulness. 

When Elliot was around 3 years old, our daily morning routine involved walking to Starbucks every morning. Our place was conveniently located right across the street from it, so this gave us time to walk, socialize, hang out, and learn to love the cafe culture. lol. Elliot became enamored with the row of daisies on the sidewalk and he picked one every day. To this day, when he sees a daisy and he’s in a happy mood, he’ll pick one for me and his sister to put in our hair.  

Simple and cheerful
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City Sonnet: Day 3. Starts with N. Naughty and nice..

Older brothers are fun to play with and to partner in mischief together. In some ways, brothers influence younger sisters to become tougher. Although there’s a big weight difference between my kids, wrestling and body slams are frequent plays. The other day I asked Elliot what he loves about his sister and his response, didn’t answer my question, summed it up nicely: “I love to annoy her.”

When Ellis was four years old and Elliot six, they were learning how to live in peace together. In tense moments, she’d sigh and say to herself, “Having an older brother is tough.” The older brother would say the same thing about a younger sister, especially one who got extra attention because of her medical condition.

They know how to push each other’s buttons and to love each other as best friends all at the same time. I guess it’s the beauty of sibling relationships. One minute they’re up to naughtiness, and the next is hugs and giggles.