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Frenzied day

I held up pretty well this week but last night I couldn’t sleep. Wide awake until 4:30 a.m. Why does every sound get amplified at night? Took 2 Advils for an aching knee. I already have issues with insomnia but it gets worse when Chris goes on business trips. He […]

Missing tetra…kinda found

Our neon tetra population has been in steady decline, which I wrote about recently. About a month ago, four tetra suddenly became three. It disappeared. We searched everywhere in the tank and even cleaned out the filter to see if it had gotten stuck in it. Nothing. But this afternoon, […]

All decked out… Christmas lights

A residential area goes above and beyond each year for Christmas decorations! Every year, we drive around the area ‘ooing and ahhhing’ at the bright lights and creative light displays. For the first time, we walked up and down the streets with others. Some homeowners were having Christmas parties and […]