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Wait a minute…that not a turkey

My kiddos and I enjoy taking closer looks into creeks and seeing the different kinds of creatures that live there. It’s mesmerizing to observe nature doing its thing. Well, it was definitely that yesterday. We walked down a small slope to the side of a creek where Ellis wanted to […]

How I feel…like this tree

This tree is a good reflection of how I feel this morning. I’ve noticed that big hospital events rekindle latent depression and irritableness in me. It’s not a good look. 😕 I  want to be a good role model and not let emotions get the better of me, but I’m […]

Afternoon light

Taking a Walk – by Mary Jackson Ellis Taking a walk is so much fun.We don’t hurry;we don’t run.We watch for birds; we watchfor bees.We look for all the falling leaves. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful and safe November weekend! Hope you take a moment to look up […]