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In the e.r. again with stomach issues

Today was Ellis’ third trip to the e.r. in one month. Speechless. Familiar frantic drive, packing overnight hospital bag, phone call to Chris to hurry home to babysit Elliot.

I hope this time they find the root cause of the severe stomach cramps and dry heaving. She shakes while her body is hunched over her throw-up bag. No answers. The symptoms come fast and severe: they immobilize our family into basket cases.

Waiting for test and imaging results in the e.r. Looks like another hospital stay.

I pray that I don’t fall apart. I’m holding up, but this is a lot of mental, emotional, and physical strain to take: 3rd e.r. visit in one month. If we stay, 3rd hospitalization.

You know it’s weird when lab people and nurses recognize you. I just saw the front desk lady from Standord heart center in the e.r. this afternoon: her son was sick. Small world.

My heart goes out for Elliot. He’s just doing his thing and he gets thrown into these overwhelming days: mommy crying, running around packing overnight bag, Ellis throwing up, me calling people for help.

He’s familiar with the emergency drill but today we couldn’t follow through with our afternoon plans and picking up Chik fil A. With tears in his eyes he said, “Ellis is getting kind of annoying.” But just yesterday he held her blankie while she was throwing up. Complex relationship. We’re figuring it out.

Thanks Chris for holding down the fort at home! Doctor is calling the children’s floor to get us admitted.

Today is one wild december day.

Ninja pose this morning

In the er this afternoon

No definite reason for dry heaving

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  1. Man, not again. Many prayers lifted for Ellie’s health and Elliot’s patience and understanding. Also for strength to you and your husband and wisdom for the doctors. Please keep us posted.

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  2. I can’t help thinking how fortunate Ellie and Elliot are to have you and Chris. As scattered as you feel, you are still the rock for them. Both of you. I am so sorry that Ellie has to go through this. It must be terribly hard to be in the dark about a diagnosis. We’ll keep Ellie and the family in our prayers. Lots of love, Fran

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    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!! It means a lot to hear what you wrote. A lot. Thank you. I don’t feel like a rock for them, but I try to do the best I can when I’m up to the challenge.
      Merry Christmas and lots of love!!


    1. We got home last night. Whew, what a week full of suspense and waiting. I’ll write about it once I recover myself from doing the bidding of a 5 year old. Thank you for your comment and hope you have a merry Christmas too!!


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