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Six Word Saturday: Picture of my mom at 30

This is one picture I have of my mom by herself. I wish we had more pretty pictures of herself when she was young, but I guess one is better than none. Hopes and dreams as a fresh immigrant in Hawaii.

I just texted this picture to my dad so he can show my mom, but it’ll take days to hear back. They’re still noobs with technology. lol.

Do you know that I can’t bear to look at old photos of people I love? Strange but true.

Thank you Debbi for hosting this challenge!

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  1. Mom is pretty – hope you hear back from your parents on this picture.

    I do have some pictures of my mom around the house that are black and white photos which I’ve framed – I’m sure she was about the same age as your mom. She had long and cascading curls in those days. For as long as I can remember, her hair was short though. I look just like my father, same mousy brown and straight hair. My mom had naturally curly locks which were dark brown. I coveted that hair so my mom said if I ate all my bread crusts I would have curly hair. Silly goose I was – I believed her, not that I had any say in the matter … what was on my plate had to be eaten or no dessert and no wiggle room.


    1. Pictures of our moms are special! I rarely thought about it but I was so busy with my life that I rarely thought about the number of pictures I had of my mom. Sadly, very few.
      My parents were happily shocked to receive the picture of text, and my mom called to ask me where I got the picture. She couldn’t believe I had it. It made her day!
      Moms tell those white lies to get their kids to eat vegetables, brush teeth, do homework, watch less TV, etc. I tell some too but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.
      Isn’t it funny how things always look greener on the other side? I have wavy hair like my mom and I wish it were straight growing up. It was the fashion and I hated the frizz that came with the waves. I subjected myself to straight hair perms.

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      1. I have some very young photos of my mom, even on a bearskin rug. Plus someone painted a picture of her when she had long and flowing black wavy hair. Someday I will have to do a post about those photos as I scanned them in when I scanned in all the scrapbooks and photo albums a few years ago. It was a massive job. I wanted curly hair so got a perm which grew out quickly so no curls or “lift” at the top. So I’d have to get a “spot perm” at the top only between perms. We thought that was the biggest dilemma of the day!


      2. A post about your mom and her pictures would be really nice! Old pictures look so nice…their postures and smiles are different; more poised and gentle.
        I’ve heard of spot perms too, and my mom gets it sometimes. She has little volume so the perm helps with the lift. In light of all that’s going on, hair issues seem overrated but they are so important too. I’m having hair loss issues in the past couple of month and the stress about it making it worse. I saw a dermatologist for it and she said lots of people have been coming in with hair loss – could be from 2020 stress.
        I even checked out some wigs to console myself…the good ones are over 1k. I’m not there yet, but looking at options calms me down. I know…so vain. heheheheh

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      3. I have heard of COVID hair-loss issues too, plus people recovering from COVID as well. I too am having some hair loss the past year and it bothers me as well … I am not as vain as I once was, but I find lots of hair everywhere. I have not had my hair cut professionally since November 2019 when I went for a layered cut (I have long hair/long layers) and highlights/lowlights. I go April/July/October and in April, they were closed, July I did the dentist and eye doctor and said “no” for hair and October, we were starting to spike. I’ve cut the bottom layer off for now and let the highlights grow out. I am into a hat now til April, so will decide what to do – my hair is not all gray, it is more a mousy brown, so likely will forego the highlights. Nice hair stylists, but when she did the lowlights, I felt like my hair had stripes like a tiger, so didn’t really like that look at all.


      4. Hair loss is distressing!! I don’t think people will admit it, but there’s a bit of vainness in everyone. But right now a haircut can wait! Better to stay healthy. When this pandemic is over, we’re going to come out of our houses with wild hair and extra weight rubbing our eyes from the stinging of the sun. lol

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      5. Ha ha – my sentiments exactly! Yes, it is distressing. My mom had a hair loss issue the last few years of her life. She had a slew of medicines she took and asked the doctor which one it was – he never had an answer for her.


    1. Thank you Miriam for your sweet comment! I’ll pass on the compliment to my mom.
      Pictures do tell amazing stories of the past and remind us of our young spirits. It’ll be a nice bonding moment for you and your daughter as you look through old pictures. And your grandbabies will probably join, and that’s like 3 generations right there. Wow!


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