I’m better at container gardening this year

Two months in. Here’s the bright update on our container plants:

All are still alive and thriving. We remember to water regularly and to pinch off over-abundant leaves and yellow ones.

One thing I’m learning to do is overcome my discomfort at pruning. I feel that the plants should be untouched while they are growing, but I read that it’s best to prune shoot leaves, on the tomato plant, that grow on the main stem. If there are too many leaves, this could lead to a big heap of vines that will produce little fruit. Pruning leaves also applies to our tiny basil plant. In the past, my basil harvest turned into thick, woody stems after the flowers started to bloom. I thought it was a good sign if the flowers bloomed and patiently waited for the basil to grow. Nothing happened. I ended up tossing the plant. That was last time.

Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.

β€” Rudyard Kipling

This year’s gardening is more hands-on and intentional. After a couple of failed planting endeavors, my kids and I are determined to keep them alive as long as we can. Another lofty goal is to get seeds from our current plants for next year. This may be too ambitious, but it’s looking hopeful.

Happy news: I used 5 basil leaves the other day for our pasta dinner and snipped some blooms to enjoy indoors.

Container blooms potted by Orchard Supply employee at store:


Tomato plant progress:


Pumpkin plant progress:


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