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Spring tulip blooms at “Mr. Bulb Guy” house

California is officially out of its years-long drought. So spring flowers are popping up everywhere and the hills are finally green, not its usual brown color. There are lots of places suggested to see spring blooms, but one of them was someone’s backyard. He is known as Mr. Bulb Guy. Every year he opens his tulip-filled backyard to visitors wanting to enjoy nature in an intimate setting.

I felt awkward going to someone’s house unannounced, and a stranger’s house at that. I almost asked Chris to turn the car around but changed my mind when I saw people, of all different ages and ethnic backgrounds, chatting and smiling in front of the poppy-lined house.

I wondered if we would see Mr. Bulb Guy since it would be a lot of work for him to greet all the visitors. But he wandered around talking about his flowers, shaking hands, and taking pictures with his visitors. He wore a fantastic outfit complete with a green cape, neon green top and sunglasses.

His garden has accomplished what he wanted it to become: a local community place for people and neighbors to come together. It’s a free event although you can make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

He told us he’s been doing this for 33 years. We joked that he could cross out “nearly” from a pin he was wearing: “I’m nearly famous.” He asked how we found out about his garden, because he has been surprised at the variety of news outlets featuring his story.

You could tell he has a great sense of humor from his whimsical car, signs, and fun attire. The name “Mr. Bulb Guy” was given to him from a news reporter year ago, and it stayed with him. But the reporter passed away and they never got to meet; a placard honoring her was placed in his garden.

Mr. Bulb Guy, thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with your neighbors and community!

Check out the links below to learn more about his mission:

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