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Flower of the Day: April 1, 2020

I didn’t know some leaves had ridges until today. Looking at the same things over and over again made me finally see a new thing. It just took me, like decades, to see!

Leaf ridges

The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one’s eyes…  George Sand

Ready to bloom.
Intricate leaf texture and the fuzzy bloom too

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. I'm an avid nature photographer and a daydreaming thinker. My posts revolve around photos of nature's beauty, homeschooling adventures with my 2 kids, sporadic reflections on my child's heart condition, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and other mish mash things. Hopefully you'll leave encouraged, pensive, or smiling at the simple things of life. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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  1. I am envious of the pretty purple flowers and the rose ready to bloom Esther. Ours have a while to go yet. You have a sharp eye for the sharp points on the leaf and I am not sure I would have noticed them but you did and captured them beautifully.


    1. To be honest, I had no idea leaf texture was like that. It happened on accident and I realized it when I was reviewing it. The sun was so bright that it was hard to see the image on my phone, so I got really close. I was surprised at what I discovered!
      You must see some pretty flowers too on your walks! Now there will be more blooming with warmer weather. Be careful and wear that mask when you’re out.
      Take care and have a great weekend!

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      1. I see some beautiful pictures taken by phones. I am on Twitter and joined because there is a weatherman who is very diligent about sending out messages about impending bad weather and he is very accurate about the weather. I am a weather worrier and follow several weather forecasters, and some news anchors as I don’t have TV so want to ensure I stay current – I follow news on Facebook as well. Anyway, there is a woman photographer on Twitter and she goes every morning to a big park here in Michigan. She takes a camera but also her iPhone 11. She can make videos with that phone and puts birdseed into the palm of her hand takes pictures of the birds landing on her palm and taking seeds/treats. It is very enjoyable to watch – she does one or two videos every morning. I really enjoy them.
        I was hoping to learn the names of the wildflowers this Summer. I am going to wear a mask … I did so yesterday, but I didn’t walk today – I had worries about the Coronavirus – listening to the news, and thought maybe I should suspend walking for a little while. I still am not sure – it is not a big park and there are not a lot of people. Once it is lighter I could go even earlier – I just don’t know as I don’t want to get sick, but the best part of my day is walking.
        You take care too – be safe and be careful.


      2. Phone cameras have come a long way! They take great pictures and there’s a new Samsung phone with 5 cameras. I don’t think you need that many, but it’s a cool feature that may come in useful. I’ve also noticed how people can do interesting videos and edits with their phone features. Instead of my big camera, I much rather take pictures with my phone cause it’s easier to upload and edit. My (not mine but my husband’s which I have claimed as mine) big Nikon is just collecting dust.
        I do hope you get to enjoy your walks again. I think outdoors is okay if you’re not in close contact with others and no one coughs. I read that in the daytime, the UV rays kill the airborn germs outdoors…indoors is another story. But don’t quote me on that. There’s so much conflicting information out there. yikes.
        In the meantime, stay well!!

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      3. There is a lot of conflict information – I know it will be okay weather tomorrow morning – today was stormy and rainy most of the day and still waiting on this storm to roll in. I did have a 35mm camera in the early 80s and used it for travel, but then I wasn’t traveling and put it away and never used it again – it was an expensive hobby back then as you paid for each photo and if you made mistakes it could be costly. I only use the DSLR on the weekends, sometimes in the late Spring at the Park when I get there really early in the morning before work. I can’t imagine the five cameras – wow. The woman photographer on Twitter uses an iPhone 11 and records the birds in her hand in slow motion – it is incredible watching those birds trust her enough to land on her hand and eat the seeds, peanuts and suet balls that she gives to them. She says that lots of people feed the birds at this big park, so the birds are not afraid. You stay well too – I have heard today that our Governor will extend the stay-safe/stay-at-home until the end of April. We can still walk in parks – that is allowed – some states they do not allowed it because they abused a curfew or gathered in a park without practicing social distancing.


    1. Nicely said…nature does have many secrets. Speaking of, I just reread Secret Garden and it reaffirms how much nature can heal hearts. Where you are, I hope you enjoy nature.


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