11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: May 27, 2020

    • Those doors just oooze cheerfulness. Maybe it’s the bright, colorful flowers against the white.
      Like I replied to Diane, I would love my walls like that, although my husband would protest. My kids may side with me.

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      • They sure do Esther – kids would love the colorfulness, especially if in primary colors which are so cheery. Yes, your husband would be thinking like an adult, so that would kill that fun idea. 🙂


      • hahaha, I’ve been asking him if I could paint our office canary yellow, but he’s not on board yet. In the meantime, I’m decluttering and opening up our space for more sunlight. I also got a new mirror for our living room, which makes it seem bigger.
        Primary colors are awesome!


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