Photo-a-Day: Change September 26, 2020

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintry light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen.” —

Ernest Hemingway

Thank you City Sonnet for hosting this challenge!

15 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day: Change September 26, 2020

    • Thank goodness the fires didn’t consume all the beautiful trees! It’s surprising how the smoke hasn’t affected the flowers or leaves…wish I could say the same for us people living here. But nature very close to the wildfires is probably in ruins. So sad and devastating…


      • Yes it is devastating indeed – the age of the trees and it will take forever to replant and them to grow again. Do they give an estimate on how many trees have been lost, or the wildlife lost?


      • Great question…not sure of the estimate. So much land and nature have burned down and the Redwoods have been extensively damaged. I’ve read that Redwoods can recover and with through all the years, they have survived and withstood previous fires.

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      • Yes, they are a vital part of beautiful California landscape … I hope the wildfires abate soon. I’ve not heard anything the last few days due to other news re: COVID at the White House.


      • The most recent wildfires is the one raging in Napa county. So sad that famous restaurants, wineries, and homes have been burned down. I can’t articulate what the beauty is like there, but it makes time feel like it has stopped. Forecast said rain this weekend, but that has changed. Who knows when we’ll get any?

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      • A “like” for the beauty – I never visited the Napa Valley region on the 10-day California coast tour. It is like the trip to Alaska I now wish I’d made before the icebergs have begun to melt and the poor polar bears can no longer cross the water to find food. I will keep my fingers crossed you have rain this weekend to quench the flames.


      • Now I read that rain is unlikely. sigh…The weather has turned cool in a matter of days. It was in the high 90s last weekend and it was in the 70s today. It’s wacky weather.
        I heard Alaska is beautiful, and some people raved about their cruises. Don’t know when that will resume with all the COVID drama that stranded several cruise ships earlier this year and with so many unknowns, it’s safe to stick close to home. Maybe you could make that trip in 2021 or 2022?
        This year is transforming how we live, eat, travel, socialize…

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      • I would not go until I am retired, and even then doubtful due to COVID and I don’t really want to leave the house alone for that long. I should have traveled when Marge could have looked after the house, just kept an eye on it. Her son lives there, but …
        Also, there is a lot of crime right now – I may have told you about the house 6 doors away that the detached garage was torched. Makes me nervous.


      • Who and why would someone torch the neighbor’s garage?! That sounds awful. Sorry to hear it happened near you; I would be nervous too and would want to keep a low profile.
        Man, this is quite a year…too many tragic situations and people losing their minds. Agree that crime is on the rise this year. sigh…just nuts. I can’t recall when I read this on the news, but the cops were pleading with potential lawbreakers to take it easy (maybe at the beginning of quarantine or an unbearable heat wave). No words for the sad state of our world. God help us all to endure, survive, and build resilience!


      • I know – I don’t like it happening and learned of still another neighbor down the street who passed away from cancer in February 2019. Used to be neighbors communicated with one another, or took up a collection when a death occurred … no words. Civility does not reign in this world anymore … I believe we were raised the same way Esther so I think it is harder for us to see what is happening these days and not have a shudder run through us. Sad that the cops must plead that no one break the law as they have their hands full with other things … 2020 and likely 2021 go down in the books for this new normal.


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