3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: December 29, 2020

    • It was strange to see the deer by itself. Usually, they travel in a bunch going here and there munching on leaves. Kids were happily surprised and made me take a 2 min video of the deer just standing there. I didn’t mind so much since we were near the car even though the sun was going to set in minutes. The park was serious about precautions; it had a highway message board showing the number of deaths from Covid and how many people have it. eeek! Numbers make it tangible and you definitely remember to keep 6 ft. distance.

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      • That is exciting – I go to the bigger parks, but when I see a few deer, it is usually when I’m driving and can’t stop and take a photo. Great as to the video. I have to learn how to do the video function on the camera. Maybe this year.


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