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My fort and pics, By Ellissss. lol

Ellis is my special guest writer for this post! She wants to say “hello” to you all.

Hi, I’m Ellis. I want to show you my fort. It’s a cozy place with 23 plushies, which is way too many, but I like it. If brother comes into my fort, he’ll be kinda’ squished. My fort is where I chill. It has some lights but my main source of light is very dim right now. It needs to be charged but we lost the charger ._.

I also like Lego. If we go to a store and if they have Lego I’ll probably want to go there first. I know I’m going off topic, but I do that a lot. Anyway I liked doing this blog post so I might do it sometime again. Thanks. Bye!

I took some pictures to show you the inside of my fort, but some of the plushies were squished so you can’t really see them. I don’t have a favorite plush because I LOVE THEM ALL!

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  1. Great job on the blog Ellis! It looks like you have a Winnie the Pooh, a llama, and a white koala! I think those are my favorites of your plushies. In our house, we called them stuff-ies. I’ll have to take a picture of our collections for you to see!


  2. Dear Ellis – I love plushies too and I started collecting teddy bears when I was in my 30s because my mom bought me one – she said “Linda, when you were young, you were allergic to stuffed animals, so I want to buy you a bear.” Guess what? There were 51 bears that followed that one. And I named them too. So, you can never have too many plushies. P.S. – You’ll have to hijack Mom’s blog more often … as a blogger, you’re a natural!


      1. Hi Ellis – I will send you pics of my teddy bears if you would like. Ask Mom if I can use her e-mail address she uses on her blog. I will use send you their names, all of them (if memory doesn’t fail me). 🙂 Yes, do hijack Mom’s blog!


      2. Hi Ellis – Forgive me for forgetting some of the names. I took the pictures a long time ago and now  am embarrassed I don’t remember all their names … I think I remembered 32 of the names and there are some bears you cannot see clearly, but they are sitting on other’s but altogether there are 52 bears and they are in three rooms as there are so many of them.  Two purple bears represent the ladies who wear purple dresses and a red hat after turning 50.  So, I have two of them for when I turned 50 and those are the last two bears I got.  At one time I had a list of all their names … it is somewhere in the house, so when I find it, I will send it. Earlier I sent pics to your mom’s e-mail address associated with her blog. – Linda

        Picture #1 (Den)  B.W. and Bernie

        Picture #2 (Den)  Honeybun

        Picture #3 (Den Loveseat) Cassie Marie, Susie, Samantha, Sarah and Marge

        Picture #4  (Linda’s Bureau) (start at back, left to right) Gerber, Sally, Boswell, Katie, Licorice, Curt, Clint and ____.

        Picture #5– (Linda’s Dresser – big group) (start at back, left to right) (some are tiny and not in a neat row): Gustav, Gertie, ____, Fitzgerald, Tonsils, Baxter, Victoria, LaBelle, Rusty  (sorry, there are several and I can’t remember their names).

        Pictures #6, #7 and #8 (Linda’s Dresser) are close-ups of Picture #5

        Picture #9  (Nightstand) Daisy and Ruggles

        Picture #10 (Mom’s Dresser Entire Group)  Mama and the kiddles (Baby and Junior), Gracie, ____, Homer, Candy, Winnie, _____

        Pictures #11 and 12 (Mom’s Dresser) Close-ups of #10


      3. 53 bears?? That’s a huge collection to have.
        Thank you for sending us the names and pics of your plushies. They are adorable! hi it Ellis. love your bears their all so cute! I’m not sure which is my favorite one cause there’s so many cute ones!

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      4. Yes, they are everywhere, believe me! I have one bear picture from when I was a baby – the bear is bigger than me, then no more bears as I was allergic to them. I’ll e-mail you that picture too Ellis. I am horrified I can’t remember all their names … I have a list somewhere but where did I put it?


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