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In recovery phase now

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our appreciation and gratefulness for all your prayers,  check ins, support, texts,  treats for our kids,  encouragement,  refreshments, and conversation!! We are overwhelmed and humbled by all the love that’s been showered upon us.

I wish I could’ve updated sooner to let you all know how it went,  but it’s been crazy the past few days.


Ellis successfully made it through her third Fontan surgery; this completes the three stage surgery! Now her oxygen saturation is in the normal range of the high 90s like someone with a healthy heart. Doctors say she will be pinker and no longer blue. There’s no more mixing of blue and red blood, and her right heart will not overwork itself  to supply blood to both the lungs and the body. Exercise tolerance is up too. Older brother may have to up his game at their next throw down match.

 Long term goal:

The goal is to maintain the health of her heart and the new circulation she has as long as possible.  Some children with HLHS get heart transplants at a later age.  I’m not too informed of when this may be necessary.  And to be honest,  I want to be in the dark about this as long as possible.

Surgery day,  September 25th:

After waiting six hours in the waiting room,  the surgeon finally came to tell us the great news that surgery was successful: no surprises; no unexpected discoveries; no changed plans.  Our faces immediately lit up and our shoulders relaxed.  I finally saw a smile on Chris’ face.

So fickle is human emotions because at that moment it felt like I had overcome the world. I was taken aback by my reaction to how I felt 5 minutes ago in the waiting room.

However,  I started to minimize the severity of the situation and got mad at myself for having been a nervous nut all this time.  I thought how silly I had been to have worried so.  This is all in hindsight after I received positive news.  Oh my short term memory! How you play with my mind…I forget that in the midst of it my soul lost a pulse here and there. Through this experience God has been teaching  me so much about the power of prayer and the gift of family and friendships.

As mentioned earlier, getting to this moment began at 20 weeks pregnancy: in all, it took about 4 1/2 years to even sit in that waiting room for 6 hours.

It occurred to me that this personal experience parallels my college years and helps me to relate better to the experience,  except I took the long route and finished in 5 years.  I’ve been going to classes, cramming,  pulling all nighters, falling asleep in class,  applying theory to practice, experimenting, coming up with excuses for missing deadlines,  writing papers, taking tests,  going out on socials,  etc. Monday was like submitting my thesis to the department.

I am so excited yet worn down in this recovery phase. But I am looking forward to some autumn fun by taking the kids for pony rides,  picking pumpkins, drinking lukewarm hot chocolate, and seeing the kids eat turkey legs for Thanksgiving dinner that we usually order from Whole Foods.


Once again,  thank you everyone!! Once I get some down time, I’ll update again. ❤❤❤❤




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  1. So beautiful!!!! Thank you for the details – enjoy and rest, you deserve it!!! Love you, keep sharing with us!!xxxxp

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