Flower of the day: June 19, 2020

Fluffiest dandelion I’ve ever seen

This fluffy dandelion was a fun find on our mini park walk. I wish the dandelion image showed more vividly against the background. But the sun was at its brightest this afternoon and this feathery dandelion blended into its surroundings.

I messed around with different filters to get a more focused image, but they either washed it out or made it too orange-y. Vignette filter looked the best, probably because of its dark edges.

Vignette filter
Cartoon and vignette filters

This is the cartoon and vignette filter. You can see the full, fluffy outline of the dandelion. I was determined to show its perfect sphere.

Thank you Cee for hosting this challenge! Have a great start to the weekend.

Flower of the Day: March 7, 2020. Sunshine yellow

In the following photos, you could see the flower’s many stages: budding, unfurling, blooming. *btw, not sure those terms are technically correct.

“We find from experience that yellow excites a warm and agreeable impression…. The eye is gladdened, the heart expanded and cheered, a glow seems at once to breathe toward us.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Spring-time walks with kids

Just a few months ago leaves were basking in their color changes and getting ready for winter hibernation. Now with spring approaching in less than 2 weeks, nature is giving us a peek into its full splendor.

Yesterday, kids and I took a nature walk around our neighborhood observing new plants, digging for bugs, and each person photographing something. The latter is usually a fun activity until the sibling spat occurs: ‘I saw it first’; ‘It’s my turn; ‘You’re taking too long’; among others.

Otherwise, it was a pleasant afternoon soaking in the warmth and hanging out together. They were very pleased to have improved their time just hanging still on the monkey bars; this new activity is a difficult skill that is frustrating the living lights out of them. Although I was tired and would’ve preferred staying indoors, I realized these lazy strolls talking about dinosaurs, stopping to look at new flowers, and cheering on their small growths are numbered. They won’t jump for excitement to go on walks with me when they’re older. We’ve made these same treks since they were tiny toddlers and each time has been different. God has blessed me with kids who love me despite my flaws and who push me to become a better mom each day.

 Children are a gift from the Lord;
 they are a reward from him. – Psalm 127:3

Tree blossoms; it’s dizzyingly wonderful when the blossoms drizzle with the breeze
Tree blossom bud
Elliot’s photo

Childhood is a short season. ~Helen Hayes

Ellis’ photo

Kids say funny things: Part 6, The agony of brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is the dreaded chore my kids want to avoid at all costs. Every time I ask, “did you brush your teeth?” my tone and decibel go up each time I repeat (or yell) this despised question. It seems a simple task but to them it means war.

Below is a snippet of our typical conversation:

Mommy: “Did you brush your teeth?”

Elliot: “No, not yet…(moping around)…do I HAVE to?”

Mommy: “Uh…yes. You have some grown-up teeth now and you need to take care of them. Do you want the dentist to yank out your tooth like he did mine? You want a fake tooth like me (referring to a long, expensive, and inconvenient implant process the kids witnessed)?”

Elliot: “I know…I know (Sounding exacerbated, perhaps with some eye rolling). But why does Ellis get to rinse her mouth instead of brushing her teeth?”

Ellis: looking guilty and darting her eyes back and forth from me to her brother. holding her blankie and sniffing it while brother and I heatedly discuss her teeth-brushing habits.

Mommy: “Because she may throw up again. You know she does some mornings. She’ll brush tonight, ok?”

Ellis looks satisfied with my response and nods in agreement with a serious face.

Elliot: “No she won’t! Ugh, why does grown-up teeth take so much CARE???” (Grumbling while getting his toothbrush ready)

Many more battles will come throughout day. Then, we do it all over again with nighttime brushing.

This conversation occurs almost everyday. By the time both sets of teeth are clean, I’m pooped out. This is just one battle to start the day.

Maybe when they start brushing by themselves I’ll miss these talks. I try to remember that so I don’t drive myself nuts. Situation has improved however in the past few years: they’ve stopped chomping my finger while I brushed their tiny teeth.