7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: January 31, 2021. Raindrops

  1. in a curious way these photos pair so well!
    the bright vivid green ( nature and flowing up)
    and then the sidewalk with is it sheen (man made and strong and flat)
    great pairing


    • I was surprised by the slick sidewalk too! It was interesting to see the reflection of trees on the ground. Did you notice the ripples on the bottom left of that picture? That was a surprise find.
      I’m glad you like the pictures! I had to go outside and take pictures of nature in the rain. Fascinating!!

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      • I went back and looked and yes I did see the ripples when I saw the photo – very cool and usually you’d see that slickness of rain on the sidewalk if it had a coating on it – but that was just your rain and it was teeming raining. You were brave – hope you had an umbrella. Nature is amazing – you don’t have rain or have drought-like conditions then it rains like crazy. Remember the photos of the wildflowers in the desert once it started to rain so much after there was the long drought. The flowers were carpeting the hills or mountains … they were gorgeous.


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