16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: May 10, 2020

    • Thank you so much!! I just loved the color and the wild flowers hanging from the trellis. This picture was taken at Elizabeth Gamble’s historic house in Palo Alto. I learned that she was the granddaughter of Proctor & Gamble.


      • Palo Alto is home to and close by many big tech companies and it’s a very expensive neighborhood! I didn’t see the connection with the Gamble last name until I looked it up. Stanford University is also in there.
        If you ever visit CA, you gotta check out this area!

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      • Well I have checked the area out a little – we lived in Los Gatos for a few months and then San Jose for almost a year –
        Sure is a great area but also crowded and too far from all of our east coast family-
        And would love to visit Stanford sometime

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      • Los Gatos is a beautiful, upscale neighborhood! Their downtown street has many shops and eateries, and can’t forget a toy shop my kids love.
        San Jose has changed a lot in the past few years…so much construction and traffic.
        I hope you are having a good weekend! We are all mellow today, even the kids.

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      • Hi – hope your week is off to a nice start
        – and it was fun living in Los Gatos – but at the time it really didn’t matter – we were in transition –
        anyhow, good week to you 🙂


      • That’s the best! You get to try out a neighborhood and have fun with it before you settle somewhere else. Living in San Diego for 8 months as newleyweds was like that for us.
        Hope your week is going great too! Take care and stay well. 🙂

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      • oh I bet that was awesome – I have only been close to San Diego but know it is a heavenly place.
        I hope you and the family are all feeling well


      • Fond memories of exploring the town with my husband. This was our first place after getting married. We spent six months apart wrapping up our own things before moving to SD. hat a journey. I hope we retire there. This is funny to say, but their zoos and beaches there are amazing.

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      • Balboa Park is famous for its parks, museums, organ pavilion, among others. It’s a gorgeous place to walk around. Many of their museums are free one day a week…not sure if this is still in effect. La Jolla cove is beautiful too! The tidepool there used to be my favorite until I fell on my back hitting my head on a rock. From then on, major fear of slippery rocks. eeek!


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