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Last bit of autumn in December



A little sprout growing among fallen leaves


Acorns and moss discovered on a nature walk


Kids thought this wild mushroom was a dinosaur egg

I’m a leaf hog. I admire leaves of every kind, shape, and texture. So autumn is that wonderful season for me: a sweet transition phase from the blazing summer heat to the cold wintry weather. 

One thing I could watch for hours is leaves falling off branches. How do they gracefully swirl like that? It’s a magical yet fleeting moment. These sights produce in me “wild delight” and “perfect exhilaration,” words from Ralph Waldo Emerson to describe his experiences of nature. It makes me marvel at the vastness of God’s imagination for his creations.

I would enjoy this view more if it wasn’t for the slight panicky feeling that sets in: the beauty I see today will have changed tomorrow. Soon the branches will be bare and the leaves gone. So I take lots of pictures, probably too much if you ask my kids, to capture the landscape or object in nature that was breathtaking. But they show only a sliver of what I saw, most likely due to my amateur photography skills. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my snapshots of autumn’s beauty.

According to Wikipedia, it’s officially autumn until December 21/22.  Strange how we, I hope you don’t mind me making this collective assumption, slip into winter and holiday mode right after Thanksgiving dinner. Makes me sad. We barely have time to digest our big meal and put our pumpkins away. I hope to prolong this season and enjoy a leisurely transition to winter. I’m going to have to try really hard, because I have a tendency to live in the future and overlook the present. There’s still time. It’s early December.

I hope you all take a moment to breathe deeply,  inhale the crisp air,  enjoy nature, marvel at the moon,  drink hot chocolate,  stay under warm covers, or do whatever else warms your heart!



After the rain


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