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Beloved kids’ blankies

via Photo Challenge: Beloved

Blankies are beloved entities in our home.

Both kids love their soft, very likely grimy, bundle of warmth so much that wash days are dreaded by everyone – me included. They blow kisses to it as their beloveds swish and turn with suds in the washing machine. During the wash, I’m constantly barraged with questions of when they can retrieve their beloveds.

It’s surprising how kids attribute personal characteristics to their favorite things. One morning Elliot realized that he forgot one of his four blankies in the car. Once it was retrieved, he hugged it tight with tears in his eyes and apologized to it for his oversight. Other times they purposefully sit with it, play with it, talk to it, or even give it a seat at the table.

Kids have a way of reminding me that some things become special not because of its inherent specialness but because they deem it so.






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